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Becky Holister

I started training with Vikram to prepare myself for a 6 day hike across the Great Wall of China. I felt fully prepared for the hike and enjoyed the variety in the training that I decided to continue with Vikram after the hike. As well as doing cardio and weights, Vikram has taught me kickboxing which I have not only felt the benefits from, but it has evolved into a new passion and hobby. I never know what my training session with Vikram is going to entail, but I know I'll always hate the planks at the end!!

James McConnell

I have known Vikram since September 2013. He has given help and inspiration in my attitude and training. He has helped me understand the different types of training and the associated diets. He has given me a regime that brings out the best in me, physically and mentally. I can feel the training enhancing my life and when it gets easy he gently pushes me further. I am forever grateful to Vikram for changing my life. He is a terrific person.

Simon Gurney

I am 70 years old and am not really a gym person but I needed to take regular stretching and fitness exercise to help my back. I started with Vikram last year and now go every week. I especially like the personal training aspect and Vikram makes it fun so that the hour goes quickly. The greatest benefit is how I feel afterwards, tired but not exhausted and I feel both righteous and healthy!

Sylvia Skiba

I am not a youngster, 63 years old, and have MS. I need exercise to keep my body health and functioning. Vikram is able to taper a programme that is challenging but within my capabilities. Also being on a 1-to-1 basis away from a gym environment makes the exercising more comfortable.

Donna Lloyd

PFS really is a great Personal Fitness / Training Studio .. They have given me a tailor made Fitness Programme which suits all my needs that I can do at an achievable pace, which I find enjoyable yet challenging at the same time. I highly recommend them and whatever your level of fitness PFS has something to suit everybody. PFS is well equipped and perfect for all my training needs. It is clean and comfortable with a really nice atmosphere and good facilities. I feel relaxed, focused and motivated.


I have been working with Vikram for over three years. My original goal was to lose some weight, gain some energy and improve my overall fitness level. Vikram has far exceeded my expectations and my training with him will be ongoing. Not only is Vikram an excellent trainer with an unbelievable amount of knowledge with regards to physical training, but he has focused on my overall health and my eating habits. He has aligned my thoughts to realistic target and has put me on the fitness level which is sustainable and not just a phase. I am sleeping better at night, I am stronger and more fit than I was before and I get to eat six times a day. I look and feel better than I thought I ever could and at 38, I feel great. I highly recommend Vikram as a personal trainer, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Vikram.

Maggie Healy

From the very start I knew I had made the right decision. Vikram has an excellent understanding of my fitness goals and continually tailors training programmes that both challenge and set a good foundation towards my fitness and future lifestyle goals.

I hated the gym and over the years I have joined a number. The confusion of what equipment and exercises to do means, you are more than likely to give up and I did, time and time again! Having Vikram as my Personal Trainer has removed all of these barriers he pushes me above and beyond my own fitness level which has produced for me, fantastic results. I am lighter and fitter than I have ever been.

He is a genuine caring guy who easily relates to people, his contagious passion for exercise has encouraged me to want to do well and exceed my own fitness goals which, I must say is a feat in itself. Having Vikram Singh as my Personal Trainer has been the best decision I have ever made and I would definitely encourage anyone at any level of fitness to give him a go.

Merja Stewart

I joined Fitness First, Ambiance Mall, Gurgaon beginning of the year 2009. My main goal was to loose weight and become healthier and fitter as a person. I was heavily over weight (starting weight 86,4 kg).

A friend recommended Vikram, as a personal trainer, and initially I thought it would be a good idea to have 10 sessions with 1 to 1 tuition. I told Vikram my first aim was to loose weight and he suited the program to this aim in mind. Sessions with him are very varied and focus on different muscle groups every time, keeping in mind my own personal goals.

Soon after I started the personal training program with Vikram, I noticed how the centimetres started to drop and the kilos followed suit. Between January 10th (86.4kgs) and August 24th (65.7 kgs ) I had lost 20.7 kgs . From my waist, hips, chest, thighs, calfs have lost a total of 90 cms .

Training is hard work, but very enjoyable and when the results are becoming more visible, there is no better boost for the motivation.

Vikram is very professional in his approach to personal training and training with him has been a great pleasure. I signed up for more sessions with him after the initial 10 and trained with him until I left India in August 2009.

I am very happy to recommend Vikram to anyone hoping to get sustainable results and committing themselves to being healthy and fit.

I am nearly at my target weight and I am eternally grateful to Vikram for his encouragement and commitment helping me to get the best results in such a short time. I do not think I would have come this far without Vikramís help.

Over a year onwards and I have managed to maintain my weight loss and keep at my fitness regime. I do miss my sessions with Vikram but have now moved to another country.

Arun Vikram Singale

Hi my name is Arun Vikram Singal i'm 28 years old. I always had a dream I could have a good physic and a stamina. Currently i'm living in Australia and now i'm back in my home country for 4 months for holidays. In my stay I met Vikram the fitness personal trainer. I discuss with Vikram what my goal is, and how long i'm spending in India. After our chat we started to train. It was a very different experience to the traditional way to training i've done before. I felt every time I trained with Vikram there was something different to achieve. which made motivated and took me to the next fitness level. And today I know how to do the right choice of workout and stay healthy. Today is the last day of my session I can feel and see the difference inside out. Now excising is part of my life . Thanks to Vikram I feel like a new person and I wish I could carry on training with him in Australia. I'll keep doing excising on-line under his website. All the best Vikram!

Nikita Jain

Hi, Initially would like to Thank vikram for making the experience of losing weight enjoyable as well as satisfactory for me via Personal training. I have been overweight for quite some time in my life, have tried all possible ways to lose the same, joined all gyms but because maybe dint enjoy them so couldn't continue them either, But for the first time i have continued my workout for a reasonable long time with effective results not via any machines or gym equipments but only through concentration and workout through personal guidance and attention on required parts. Personal training and enthusiasm shown by Vikram has given me a boost not only to lose weight but also made me conscious towards health. The techniques used by him are not the regular by the use of expensive equipments but something one can adopt into their lifestyles and continue even if a gym in not there in the vicinity to keep fit. Efficient efforts along with the diet plans and motivation by him have given me results to which even am surprised. Thanks again to you Vikram and would love to continue to have you as my trainer for keeping me fit and healthy in years ahead.