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Fitness Consultant in Woking

My name is Vik, and I am a fitness consultant in Woking with over ten years of experience. Fitness has been my passion since my youth. I have worked with well-known fitness clubs, including Ozone, Celebrity Fitness, Fitness First, and LA fitness. My passion always has been to help people who want to stay fit and become healthy.

I'm a Certified personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach; I have been working in the fitness industry for over ten years and learning constantly. I have developed my unique Training Style for achieving results in minimum time and effort. I'm experienced in various training methods like Weight Training, Functional Training, Body Weight Training, Plyometric Training, Kick Boxing, Body Conditioning, and Bootcamp.

I have experienced through my journey that every individual needs a tailor-made fitness program to improve and support their fitness and health; that’s why you should have a customized training program to achieve maximum results. With these concerns in mind, I have been providing Personal Training Services.

Credentials Gained:

The muscle-building program, weight loss program, sports performance enhancement, body shape up, Kick Boxing, flexibility training, Body Conditioning, and Boot Camp.