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10 - 14 Cherry Street, Woking, Surrey, GU21 6EE, UK
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Meet Your Trainer in Woking!

Welcome to Personal Fitness Studio

We are committed to providing high-quality training sessions and fitness programs for individuals with all levels of fitness. Our fully qualified trainer will tailor your training session to achieve faster and safer results. Whatever is your fitness goal, we will guide you throughout the complete process.

This is done within our Fitness Studio in the centre of Woking. It has a bright and friendly environment, where you feel relaxed but focused. Your fitness training session will be on a One-to-One basis, which means you can be entirely focused with complete privacy without any distraction. So, “When You Train, You Train.” You can also bring your own choice of music to play.

Why Personal Trainer at PFS?

At PFS, you'll find a unique environment where you can train as an individual with a tailor-made routine written explicitly for you. Our Trainer will guide & mentor you through every aspect of your training.

At PFS, we pride ourselves on complete Client focus. We always work with you and support and encourage you through every stage of your training program.

We specialize in making our clients hale and hearty as athletes and thus have a concrete plan to improve and maintain their personal fitness goals.

We accept the challenge to get you the desired shape or stamina that you crave for yourself.

Use our services and change your fitness entirely with each passing day of your training.

Here are five reasons why people like Fitness training at PFS Woking

Personalized Training:

We like Clients to enjoy what they are doing in their training, so that way their training stays fun and interesting.


As we say, “when you train, you train.” Our Fitness Studio is private and personal, with a calm environment that keeps you focused on your training. So, every minute you sweat, you get rewarded for it!

Result Oriented:

We always keep your fitness goal in mind to provide you with the best training regime for safer and faster results.

Full Privacy:

As we train one person at a time, this gives you your privacy, which you don't get in many gyms and fitness clubs which makes it like training at your home gym.


As we train 1-1, you always get complete care and attention.

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